Re-Awarded Microsoft Community Contributor For 2012

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I checked my email and found that I had been re-awarded the Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC) for 2012. I say re-awarded because even though I had it for 2011 and got it again for 2012, there is not an actual re-awarding process for existing members. It merely drops off at the end of the year for about a month and you get re-evaluated again for the award based on what you provide in the community forums such as PowerShell and Hey, Scripting Guy!.

Never the less, I am very humbled and happy to get this again. Thanks to everyone that put me in for this and all of those that I have helped out in the forums by answering their questions and providing feedback on issues. I look forward to this year in not only helping out others with their PowerShell questions but also on providing new and interesting PowerShell projects such as my recent project: PoshChat as well as being a judge this year and an expert commentator in the 2012 Scripting Games and future guest articles on Hey, Scripting Guy!.

Thanks again everyone!

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4 Responses to Re-Awarded Microsoft Community Contributor For 2012

  1. Will Steele says:

    Congrats Boe. A well-deserved honor.

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