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Turn Your PowerShell Console Title Bar Into A RSS/Weather Ticker

Something fun that I have been working on was a way to utilize the PowerShell console title bar for something other than just displaying a static message and then it hit me that the title bar would make an excellent … Continue reading

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Quick Tip To Find Out What Your Background Jobs Are Doing

One of the great things about PowerShell is the use of background jobs to run long operations while still having access to your console, or running multiple jobs to gather your data that much quicker than doing a sequential approach. … Continue reading

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Guest Blog on “Hey, Scripting Guy!” About Scaling Background Jobs and Rebooting Systems

My 5th guest blog on Microsoft’s “Hey, Scripting Guy!” is out today .In this article I talk about using background jobs and scaling them to perform a monitored reboot of systems. Link to the article is here. Enjoy!

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