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Quick Hits: Tracking The Status of GitHub Using PowerShell

This evening I noticed that GitHub, a site for collaborating and sharing code that I use for all of my projects, was down for an unknown reason. The site showed the dreaded ‘Unicorn of 503’ and I was left without … Continue reading

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WSUS Reporting: Digging Into Target Groups and Update Statuses Using PowerShell

I had an email recently asking how to report on the number of updates per Target Group. Basically when a report is run using the WSUS Management Console, you can create a tabular report that displays something similar to this: … Continue reading

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Using the ESPN API with PowerShell

Being a sports fan, I wanted to see what the ESPN API (just started in March 2012) had to offer (not much unfortunately unless you are a premium member) and make use of what PowerShell has to offer to pull … Continue reading

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Create a Hard Link Using PowerShell

Following on the heels of my last article where I talked about creating a symbolic link using PowerShell, I figured I would throw another script out there that will do what mklink.exe does with creating a hard link and do … Continue reading

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Using the WSUS API and PowerShell to Perform Maintenance on the SUSDB Database

In my previous article, I showed how you can utilize the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) API to connect to the SUSDB database that is being used by the WSUS server to perform T-SQL queries against the database for information. … Continue reading

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