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Guest Spot on Hey, Scripting Guy! talking PowerShell and Network Authentication Level Reporting

This was somewhat of a last minute article but it is a nice article on reporting on the Network Level Authentication configuration on systems using PowerShell. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! Weekend … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Listing All Permanent WMI Event Subscriptions

This is a quick script that I put together a while back to help locate and track what systems had WMI event subscriptions configured. I don’t want to completely rehash this topic as you can look at my previous blog … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: List All Available WMI Namespaces Using PowerShell

Sometimes it is worth knowing what the available namespaces are in WMI, especially if you are looking for a specific class and are not sure where it might be (sometimes it just isn’t under Root\Cimv2). Another reason is just for … Continue reading

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Introducing PoshEventUI: A UI Way to Create Permanent WMI Events

Something that I have been working on the past couple of months (in between other things) was a UI approach to creating permanent WMI events vs. a command line approach. I really had only a few requirements that I wanted … Continue reading

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PowerShell and Events: Permanent WMI Event Subscriptions

Wrapping up my series on PowerShell and Events, I will be talking about Permanent WMI Event Subscriptions and creating these using PowerShell. Mentioned in my previous article on temporary events, WMI events are a very powerful and useful way to … Continue reading

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