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Use a PowerShell Logon Script To Update Printer Mappings

I was recently asked to come up with a PowerShell solution to re-map all of the printers in our domain from a 32 bit print server to a print server that was 64 bit. This had to be done at … Continue reading

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Use Regular Expressions to Audit the Printer Name and IP Address from Event Logs

I came across this question in the PowerShell forums earlier today that asked how to pull the printer name and associated IP address from the Print Server logs in the System log (Event Id 10).  The first thing I thought … Continue reading

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Viewing Print Queue Statistics with PowerShell

Leveraging WMI, you can easily view and manipulate print queues on a print server via PowerShell.  You can do anything from building a Print Queue, deleting a print queue and cancelling all print jobs on an existing queue. You can … Continue reading

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