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Building a Enum that Supports Bit Fields in PowerShell

I was working on a project recently that required me to have an Enum that allowed bit fields as opposed to the normal fields that we might deal with in our day to day endeavors with PowerShell. If you aren’t … Continue reading

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More New Stuff in PowerShell V5: A NEW Way to Construct Things

Usually we can build out a new instance of a .Net object we have to use New-Object and pass the required parameters to accomplish this. Or at least that is the most common approach to the subject. We can also … Continue reading

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More New Stuff in PowerShell V5: Extra PowerShell Auditing

With the latest Preview release of PowerShell V5 July (X86, X64), we get some extra capabilities for auditing PowerShell script tracing. Since PowerShell V3, we have had the capability of Module Logging in PowerShell, meaning that we can track the … Continue reading

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More New Stuff in PowerShell V5: Expand and Compress Archive Cmdlets

With the July release of PowerShell V5 Preview (Download links are 1/3 of the way down on the DSC download page), there are some new things that have been added that are worth talking about. Here are the direct download … Continue reading

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What Else is New in PowerShell V5

I’ve already gone over OneGet and its inclusion to Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5, but what else was added with PowerShell V5 that everyone can use? Besides OneGet, there are some improvements to Desired State Configuration (DSC) to include performance … Continue reading

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