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Retrieving a Registry Key LastWriteTime Using PowerShell

While navigating through the registry, you may have noticed that there is something missing from there that you normally see in other places such as the file system. That little thing is a timestamp that might tell you when a … Continue reading

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Fix Duplicate WSUS ClientIDs Using PowerShell

A common issue when using a ‘template’ or an OS image that hasn’t been sysprepped is that each client that has the same clientID will appear and disappear from the WSUS console (only 1 client will appear at a time). … Continue reading

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Find All SQL Instances Using PowerShell Plus A Little More

A while back I saw this the following post on the PowerShell Magazine that showed how to get all of the instances of a SQL server. This was pretty cool, but only listed the instances and nothing else (well it … Continue reading

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Report the CrashOnAuditFail Setting on Your Computers

CrashOnAuditFail is a setting on each operating system that is used to essentially stop your system if it can no longer write to the Security log. the stop us typically a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) that bring the system … Continue reading

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Working with Software Rollback Policies using PowerShell

One of the things I deal with a lot where I work when performing patch installations is that the number of .NET patches is just amazing! Obviously, these patches are a must to get installed, but sometimes they do not … Continue reading

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