PoshChat updated to 0.9.2

I finished a little update to PoshChat that I wanted to push out prior to the start of the Scripting Games on Monday. I made a few updates to the client UI to include text colors for specific messages and updating the font size if required.

Also included is the ability to send a direct message to a user by starting with the ‘@’ sign and then the username right after that followed by the message. This will only send the message to that user and no one else.


The message that you send to that individual will show up in Blue while the message they receive will show up as Orange.

Here is another image that shows it more in action with other clients.


Based on the type of message, it will be a specific color. Regular messages will be black, direct message received are orange, direct messages sent will be blue, users connecting and disconnecting will be green and error messages and local server disconnects will be red.

You can also change the font size in the Edit menu.


Lets change this to 16 Font.


At this size, you would definitely need to make the window a little larger.

Options for Font at this point in time are: 12,14,16 and 18

Another thing I updated was the timestamp that would appear with each message vs. having both a datetime stamp used. I figured this would add a little more space to the messaging. The date stamp will only show up at the beginning of the chat session and then only if the day changes during the current session.

I hope you enjoy the current update and I have many more coming up in the future once the Scripting Games are completed. I have updates planned for an Options menu where the font selection.username,server, port and session key for encryption/decryption. Also a more graceful way of shutting down the chat server is being worked as well (currently the only way is to shut down the server is by closing the PowerShell console window.

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3 Responses to PoshChat updated to 0.9.2

  1. Jaap Brasser says:

    Interesting tool, what kind of usage scenario would you imagine for this?

    • Boe Prox says:

      Thanks. Well, to be honest when I first started working on it, I really was making it just to see if I could pull off a chat server/client. But now I would guess that it would make for a simple ad-hoc chat server on an internal network among an office or a larger group. I am definitely all ears on other uses that people have found for this as well. Still have a ways to go with what I would consider a ‘finished product’ though.

      • Jaap Brasser says:

        Perhaps you could use this as a dedicated chat client in restrictive environments where the installation of another tool is not an option. Or maybe small companies that are looking for a chat solution that does not require a huge investment and leverages the infrastructure they currently have in place.

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