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Revisiting NetSession Function using PSReflect

In an article that I wrote a little while ago, I talked about how you can view the net sessions on systems by making use of some pinvoke magic to call some Win32 apis. If you have ever worked with … Continue reading

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A PowerShell Module for Managing Internet Explorer Favorites

As promised, here is my module that I put together to make managing Internet Explorer favorites. The module is called IEFavorites and has 3 functions available: Get-IEFavorite Add-IEFavorite Set-IEFavorite There are also 4 aliases associated with this module: gief (Get-IEFavorite) … Continue reading

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Beginning with Windows Azure Using PowerShell

I recently created an account to use Windows Azure to create some virtual machines that I can then use to work with more systems than I can usually do given my current hardware. This also presents a great opportunity for … Continue reading

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PowerShell and Events: Permanent WMI Event Subscriptions

Wrapping up my series on PowerShell and Events, I will be talking about Permanent WMI Event Subscriptions and creating these using PowerShell. Mentioned in my previous article on temporary events, WMI events are a very powerful and useful way to … Continue reading

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PoshWSUS Updated to 2.1.1

I just released a new version of my WSUS module, PoshWSUS to codeplex. Nothing new was added to this release, so only bug fixes that were submitted to the Issues page on the codeplex site were addressed. Let me know … Continue reading

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