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Turn Your PowerShell Console Title Bar Into A RSS/Weather Ticker

Something fun that I have been working on was a way to utilize the PowerShell console title bar for something other than just displaying a static message and then it hit me that the title bar would make an excellent … Continue reading

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Show-UI Weather Widget and a Non Show-UI widget

Ok, this weather widget created by Joel “Jaykul” Bennett (Blog | Twitter) is just amazingly cool. This widget auto-updates the temperature and even updates the picture to reflect the current conditions outside. The requirement to run this is by having … Continue reading

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Retrieving Weather Information From A Web Service Provider

I noticed on my twitter feed about a PowerTip from powershell.com that showed you how to retrieve the weather information from a given web service. This is a pretty cool 3 lines of code that used the New-WebServiceProxy cmdlet that … Continue reading

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