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Winter Scripting Games 2014 Tip #2: Use #Requires to let PowerShell do the work for you

In Version 2 of PowerShell, you had the ability to use #Requires –Version 2.0 to ensure that your scripts/functions would only run at a specified PowerShell version to prevent folks running an older version from wondering why things weren’t working … Continue reading

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Using $PSDefaultParameterValues in PowerShell

Recently I saw someone posted a reply to one of my comments on a blog article that he had never heard of $PSDefaultParameterValues before now.  With that, I will give you a walkthrough of this feature added in PowerShell V3 … Continue reading

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Checking Out The Where and ForEach Operators in PowerShell V4

#Requires –Version 4.0 With the release of PowerShell V4, we received the Desired State Configuration (DSC) module as the main piece as well as some other things, some known and some not known that well. One of those things is … Continue reading

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PowerShell 4.0 Now Available for Download

That’s right, Windows Management Framework 4.0 is now available to download for down-level OS’s. Some important things to know regarding this: New Features and Updated Versions Windows PowerShell Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) Windows PowerShell Web Services (Management OData … Continue reading

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New Things in Windows PowerShell 4.0

As most of you already know, PowerShell V4 is coming out soon. The preview version or beta or whatever you would like to call is already available via the Windows 2012 R2 download available to MSDN subscribers while the stand-alone … Continue reading

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