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Checking For Disconnected Connections with TCPListener Using PowerShell

Working on my PoshChat project, one of the things that I was dealing with was handling connections that was disconnected through different means other than just the client disconnecting on its own such as a client being rebooted or the … Continue reading

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Checking for a TCP Listener Connection

I’ve been spending some time re-writing my PoshChat project to replace various things that I feel could have been written better as well as trying to knock out some of the issues that I had in the beginning but just … Continue reading

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Testing TCP Ports with a Possible Header Response

I wrote a function a while back as a quick means to not only check for an open port, but also to see if a header is sent back on the initial connection. The reasoning behind this was to help … Continue reading

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Building a TCP Server Using PowerShell

Something that I have been working on for the past week or so is building a TCP server that I can use to issue commands from remotely and have it carry out on the remote server. I’ve already written a … Continue reading

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TCP Communication with PowerShell Available in MEAP

One of my chapters in the upcoming PowerShell Deep Dives book just became available as part of the MEAP program at Manning. If you aren’t a part of the early access program, you should definitely check it out! Otherwise, you … Continue reading

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