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Find Out Why ‘Acl’ (and Other Cmdlets) Without the ‘Get-‘ Still Work Using Trace-Command

The power of Trace-Command is amazing to help troubleshoot a command or to gain better insight into what goes on behind the scenes when a command or commands are running. What you may or may not know is that any … Continue reading

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Tips on Implementing Pipeline Support

Something that I was seeing during the first event of the Scripting Games was the use (or misuse) of implementing pipeline support for a parameter in a function or script. While most people did do this correctly, I did see … Continue reading

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Compare-Object Weirdness? Or Business as Usual?

I came across this forum question on the Hey, Scripting Guy! forum the other day and couldn’t help but take up the challenge of finding out and providing (hopefully) a good explanation as to why the following code snippet did … Continue reading

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