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Introducing PoshRSJob as an Alternative to PowerShell Jobs

Maybe you have heard me blogging, speaking or tweeting off and on about using runspaces (or runspacepools) as a means to run tasks in the background vs. using PowerShell Jobs (PSJobs) (Start-Job, Get-Job, etc…). While I have seen a lot … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Did I Really Lose My Output With Receive-Job By Not Using–Keep?

We have all probable been there at some point. We use Start-Job to run a command in the background like this: Start-Job -ScriptBlock { Get-Process | Where { $_.WS -gt 100MB } } -Name HighMemProcess Take note of the HasMoreData … Continue reading

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Using Background Runspaces Instead of PSJobs For Better Performance

In my previous article, I showed you a function to query remote servers for their network information using background runspaces to speed things up. To follow up on that article based on some questions and comments I received from that … Continue reading

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