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Dealing with Runspacepool Variable Scope Creep in PowerShell

Something that I had noticed a while back that I would receive some output values in my objects that shouldn’t have been there. Properties that should have been Null had values in them, and not just random values, but values … Continue reading

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Tracking the State of PowerShell Runspaces in a Runspacepool

A question that I have received a number of times has always involved a way to determine the state of each runspace that is in a runspacepool. Since a runspacepool is used to throttle the number of runspaces that are … Continue reading

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Introducing PoshRSJob as an Alternative to PowerShell Jobs

Maybe you have heard me blogging, speaking or tweeting off and on about using runspaces (or runspacepools) as a means to run tasks in the background vs. using PowerShell Jobs (PSJobs) (Start-Job, Get-Job, etc…). While I have seen a lot … Continue reading

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