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Another Way to Get Output From a PowerShell Runspace

Most of you who work with runspaces in PowerShell are familiar with the most common way to pull out data that is waiting in another runspace by simply calling Invoke() on the PowerShell instance or using EndInvoke(<handle>) to stop one … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Did I Really Lose My Output With Receive-Job By Not Using–Keep?

We have all probable been there at some point. We use Start-Job to run a command in the background like this: Start-Job -ScriptBlock { Get-Process | Where { $_.WS -gt 100MB } } -Name HighMemProcess Take note of the HasMoreData … Continue reading

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Avoiding System.Object[] (or Similar Output) when using Export-Csv

I’ve ran into this issue a number of times and have seen others as well when they attempt to pipe some data which may have a collection of items in one of its properties to a CSV file using Export-Csv. … Continue reading

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