PowerShell Patch Utility PoshPAIG Updated to 2.1.5

I have just released version 2.1.5 of PoshPAIG, my patching utility, to the public. It is available for download at http://poshpaig.codeplex.com.


I spent quite a bit of time ripping out the PSJobs infrastructure and replacing it with background PowerShell runspaces to speed up the UI as well as replacing the data table object used to update the Listview with an Observable Collection which will make scaling out new additions to the UI easier.

Other items added were some extra reporting for installed patches as well as some small UI changes with the Listview to include a different font color for the headers and the use of alternating colors for each row in the Listview.

Other items worked on were fixing some code with how the CSV reports are written by the vbscript after installing updates. It was using a comma delimited which caused some chaos with titles that had commas in it.

Other than that, no other major additions are included with this release as I want to stomp out any bugs reported with this version. It still behaves exactly like the previous version so no curve balls are being thrown.

Once I feel that this is stable enough, I will begin work on version 2.2 and some newer features that have been asked for. Smile

Go ahead and check it out and let me know what you think!

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3 Responses to PowerShell Patch Utility PoshPAIG Updated to 2.1.5

  1. Hi Boe,

    This tool looks impressive and even I tried to use it. I am facing issues in configuring WSUS to use Patch Audit and Patch install. It will be a great help if in your documentation link [http://poshpaig.codeplex.com/documentation] you mention step by step approach to configure WSUS with this tool.


  2. Michael Underhill says:

    I’m seeing these errors when executing the script.
    Method invocation failed because [System.Windows.Controls.ItemCollection] doesn’t contain a method named ‘EditItem’.
    At line:17 char:52
    + $uiHash.Listview.Items.EditItem <<<< ($Computer)
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (EditItem:String) [], RuntimeException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MethodNotFound

    Method invocation failed because [System.Windows.Controls.ItemCollection] doesn't contain a method named 'CommitEdit'.
    At line:27 char:54
    + $uiHash.Listview.Items.CommitEdit <<<< ()
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (CommitEdit:String) [], RuntimeException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MethodNotFound

    Any ideas?

    • Boe Prox says:

      This is a known bug when running PoshPAIG under PowerShell V2. This is due to .Net 2.0 not having all of the methods available. When you run this under PowerShell V3, the errors will go away because the methods are available in .net 4.0. Bottom line is that you don’t have to worry about these errors as they are not impacting the utility. If I get time, I’ll throw some error handling in to take care of it.

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