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Use the WSUS API and PowerShell to query the SUSDB Database

While we know that the WSUS API can be used to perform a multitude of WSUS tasks from approving patches, removing clients to creating automatic approval rules. Diving deeper into the API reveals that we can also find out the … Continue reading

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Building an Xbox Live Widget using PowerShell

Something a little fun that I had the opportunity to work on was building a Xbox Live widget using PowerShell that does a nice job of capturing all of the relevant information that a Xbox live person would like to … Continue reading

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WSUS: Approving and Declining Updates with PowerShell

Now that we have looked at viewing all of the updates on WSUS, we will now look at approving and declining those updates.  This can be a little bit tricky as you need to also know what Computer Target Group … Continue reading

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Manage WSUS with Powershell

Many of you probably use WSUS as your enterprise patching solution.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with WSUS, please check out this link for more information. With WSUS 3.0, you are now able to download and install the … Continue reading

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