PoshPAIG 2.0.1 Released


My latest release of PoshPAIG includes some new features such as:

  • New UI Design to make it look cleaner
  • More reporting options
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Check for stopped services set to Automatic
  • Options window to change some basic settings


I have plans for more updates to make this even better such as:

  • Changing the PSJobs to runspaces for performance increases when running actions
  • Make the report UI more flexible to allow service starts
  • various bug fixes/feature requests
  • Allow for downloading and installing of patches for systems that use Windows Update instead of WSUS servers
  • Optional credentials (for psexec) to handle non-domain systems

Give it a download and let me know what you think!

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1 Response to PoshPAIG 2.0.1 Released

  1. PoshUser says:

    Hi Boe,

    thanks for the nice tool, i like the way you use XAML based GUI to build the tools.
    Even i prefer this method compared to WinForms or Show-UI.
    Read your article on setting up runspace pool as compared to jobs, just loved it, am preferring runspace pool more now compared to jobs 🙂

    I am building a sample GUI which takes a txt file and reads computer name and populates a list.
    assume that i have a run button, when user clicks the ‘run’ button
    1. it will go through the list of servers and perform some activity, i am using runspace for this.
    2. but, it doesnt give the control back to the gui and kind of feels frozen, i also read your hey scripting guy blog which states that you use jobs to workaround the UI freeze issue.
    can you eloborate more on this?
    i implemented runspace and want to use the progressbar to update the status based on the job that is running.
    appreciate your help, thanks PoshUser

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