A PowerShell Module for Managing Internet Explorer Favorites

As promised, here is my module that I put together to make managing Internet Explorer favorites. The module is called IEFavorites and has 3 functions available:

  • Get-IEFavorite
  • Add-IEFavorite
  • Set-IEFavorite

There are also 4 aliases associated with this module:

  • gief (Get-IEFavorite)
  • aief (Add-IEFavorite)
  • sief (Set-IEFavorite)
  • rief (Remove-Item)

Simply import the module file and you are off and running!

Import-Module .\IEFavorites.psm1 -Verbose


Viewing the favorites can be done like this:



Adding a new Favorite is handled like so:

Add-IEFavorite -Name Twitter -Folder SocialNetwork `
-Url http://twitter.com -Verbose


If I want to remove a favorite, I just pipe my results of Get-IEFavorite into Remove-Item.

Get-IEFavorite -Name Drudge* -File | 
Remove-Item -Verbose


Lastly, editing a favorite is done using Set-IEFavorite:

Get-IEFavorite -Name Twitter* | 
Set-IEFavorite -NewName Facebook -NewUrl http://Facebook.com -Verbose


That is all to the module. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Download IEFavorites


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