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Another Way to List Files and Folders Beyond 260 Characters Using Pinvoke and PowerShell

I covered a pretty nice way to list all of files and folders in which the total number of characters extended beyond the 260 limitation (MAX_PATH limitation) using a mix of robocopy and PowerShell. In that article I show you … Continue reading

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Use PowerShell To Calculate the Hash of a File

I’m pretty sure that everyone has something similar to a hash calculator that has been written in PowerShell or some other language and I am no different. This is my take on a simple file hash calculator to determine the … Continue reading

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Use PowerShell and WMI to Locate Multiple Files on Any Drive in your Domain

A couple of days ago I was browsing my RSS feeds and came across an article that PowerShell MVP Jeffery Hicks wrote regarding the use of finding files using WMI with a function called Get-CimFile. That article is listed below: … Continue reading

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