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Quick Hits: Determine User Connected to a Delegated PowerShell Endpoint

Just a quick blurb on how you can determine who is connected to a PowerShell remoting endpoint that you have configured to use a RunAsAccount. An example of doing this can be found here. When someone connects to an endpoint … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Finding, Creating and Removing PowerShell Type Accelerators

I saw a question recently that somebody asked on how to locate and create custom type accelerators without the need of the PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) and its type accelerator, [accelerator]. I quickly answered his question, but decided that this … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Set the Default Property Display in PowerShell on Custom Objects

Whenever we write a function or a  script and choose what properties to display, we are usually greeted with the usual display of every single property that we used instead of what the the PowerShell cmdlets and other module cmdlets … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Determine Tombstone Lifetime in Active Directory

Recently, I wanted to know what the tombstone lifetime was in my environment and decided to find this using PowerShell. Given, I could have done something with dsquery or dug in using the ADSI type accelerator to connect to my … Continue reading

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Scripting Games 2013: Naming Conventions for Functions and Scripts

My last post of the night. While reviewing scripts, I have seen multiple entries that are something like the following: Move-LogFiles Move-ApplicationLogs Move-Files MoveFile What is the problem with this you ask? Well, for starters, there are no plural nouns … Continue reading

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