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Winter Scripting Games 2014 Tip #2: Use #Requires to let PowerShell do the work for you

In Version 2 of PowerShell, you had the ability to use #Requires –Version 2.0 to ensure that your scripts/functions would only run at a specified PowerShell version to prevent folks running an older version from wondering why things weren’t working … Continue reading

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Using $PSDefaultParameterValues in PowerShell

Recently I saw someone posted a reply to one of my comments on a blog article that he had never heard of $PSDefaultParameterValues before now.  With that, I will give you a walkthrough of this feature added in PowerShell V3 … Continue reading

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Creating Snippets in PowerShell

For those of you using PowerShell V3’s new Integrated Script Editor (ISE) and be honest, why aren’t you? Besides all of the awesome stuff with code folding, intellisense, etc…, there is also another cool feature that is available is the … Continue reading

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PowerShell V3 is RTM!

You heard it! PowerShell V3 is now available to download as RTM! It is already installed on the RTM versions on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. For the down level systems (Windows 2008, 200R2 and Windows 7), you can … Continue reading

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Setting Up a Windows PowerShell Help Repository

With the help files not available by default in PowerShell V3, you must now use Update-Help to download the help files needed to properly view help for each cmdlet. The best thing about this is that you will always have … Continue reading

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