2018 PowerShell Resolutions

This As I did last year, and the years before that, I wanted to review my last PowerShell resolutions and see how well I did and then take a look at the coming year and pick a few things that I’d like to strive for either in learning new things with PowerShell or as part of the community. With so much happening in the world of PowerShell, it should be pretty fun to figure out things that I would like to learn and talk about in the coming new year. Also, with a new position as a SQL DBA, I am looking forward to doing some amazing things with PowerShell and SQL.

Without further ado, let’s see what I said last year and whether I met my goal with each resolution. Anything in Green are resolutions that I met while those in Red are those that I missed.

  • Speak at a user group or conference this year.
    • I spoke not only at the Austin PowerShell User Group, but also the Tampa PowerSjhell User Group this year. I didn’t get to speak at a conference this year, but maybe next year.
  • Write at at least 2 blogs that relate to SQL or InfoSec.
  • Start a new PowerShell project.
    • I was able to put together a few different projects that dealt with inventories of both Windows servers and SQL Servers. I had a lot of fun with each of these as they had each had me thinking a different way in what I felt was useful to keep in an inventory. While I haven’t worked much on them lately, there are definitely things that I would like to add to them to make them even more useful to the community.
  • Operational Validation with PowerShell and Pester.
    • While I didn’t write anything regarding this resolution, I did work with Pester off and on through out the year and tried to incorporate some of the Operational Validation in various tests to see how best I could utilize this in my environment. Definitely excited to  share some of my stuff as I do more work with them.

Looking back, I am happy to see that I was able to hit on all of my resolutions and show them as being completed. Of course, completing my resolutions for 2017 doesn’t mean that I am done. With 2018 coming up in the next few hours ( for me at least, those of you may have already celebrated it), it is time to think about what I would like to accomplish next year.

  • Speak at a user group or conference this year.
    • This will always be a common resolution to reach as I like to share my knowledge and projects with anyone who would like to listen Smile
  • More work with SQL
    • Being a SQL DBA, I am looking to continue my work with PowerShell to manage and report on SQL Server as well as making use of the amazing DBATools.
  • Open Source PowerShell Contribution
    • There are definitely some things that I would like to see in PowerShell and now that it is open source, now is the best time to get involved to help make PowerShell even better!
  • Yahoo Fantasy Football Module
    • Yep, this is very specific but something that I have been thinking about doing for a couple of years now. If I call it out specifically to work on, perhaps I can make the move to actually build it.

So those are my resolutions for 2018. Some are community based, some are more professional development driven and another is just outright for run. And the same should be done for you! You don’t have to be focused just on one aspect of the resolution, mix it up and have fun with it while learning something new!

Feel free to share your resolutions below and let me know what you are looking to do in 2018!

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3 Responses to 2018 PowerShell Resolutions

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  2. That’s awesome that you met all your 2017 resolutions! My 2018 resolutions is to become more familiar with ispf features. It’s cool to see your resolutions extend from professional to fun. Good luck in pursuing them!

  3. Luke says:

    Care to expand on some of your previous articles, or show more examples of Observable collections and using INotifyPropertyChanged to refresh the UI?

    Greatly appreciated.

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