Renewed as a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP!


I have been grateful once again to be renewed as a Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management for 2016. This is an honor that is never guaranteed and I am always humbled to receive it.

This is something that doesn’t come easily as we are evaluated each year with the same folks who are trying to get into the program. The work is always fun and I know that this award would not have been possible if not for the community itself, both in viewing and using the things that I have posted as well as providing great feedback to me so I can improve on not only things that I write about, but also the tools that I present for others to use.

It has definitely been an amazing year for the PowerShell community with PowerShell going open source and being made available on other operating systems such as Linux and MacOS. Seeing such an increase on the use of PowerShell in the InfoSec community has also been amazing as well as the many cool and unique things that others have been working on and showing off just shows that PowerShell is not going away at all. It is only becoming bigger and more important to learn for those in our field.

So with that I say Thank You to the community and I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!

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2 Responses to Renewed as a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP!

  1. ifiok Moses says:

    Congratulations Boe.
    It’s well deserved. Learned a lot from you.
    Thanks for what you do for the community.

  2. Congrats dude!! I will be honest… I’m really not surprised you got renewed. Your contributions have a tremendous impact on the community and we all are learning a lot from your great blog posts. Keep the great work

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