New Column at MCPMag.Com!

My first column is already out, but I wanted to post that I have taken on a writing gig with This was an offer that I really couldn’t pass up as it gives me an opportunity to reach out to more folks about PowerShell and provide useful information to them as well. I am excited to be writing for and look forward to sharing my knowledge with more people.

So what does that mean for my other blogging and projects that I do? Nothing! I am still going to continue writing on my personal blog and trying to keep with the trend of 4 posts a month (minimum) and am still going to be contributing for Hey, Scripting Guy!. In fact I have a 5 day series starting up at the beginning of December on script troubleshooting that I am excited to show off! This is just another opportunity to talk about something that love to work with and share my knowledge (as well as learning from the rest of the community in the comments) with everyone else!

With that, I found that my first column went live during the MVP Summit (which is awesome by the way!) and it is talking about viewing certificates using PowerShell on remote systems either using Remoting or through .Net if remoting is not applicable in your environment. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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