NorCal PowerShell User Group Presentation on Runspaces is Available

I had the honor of being a speaker at the NorCal PowerShell User Group on June 10th in which I spent the time talking about using runspaces with PowerShell. If you didn’t have a chance to attend, the good news is that the video is now live on YouTube! I had a blast talking to the group about how you can utilize runspaces (and runspacepools) in a variety of situations as well as touching on a number of other related topics to include:

  • Runspaces
  • RunspacePools
  • Synchronized Collections
  • Locking a Synchronized Collection between runspaces
  • WPF UIs with runspaces
  • Performance and Speed with Runspaces and PSJobs

The presentation materials and example code is available here:

Check out the video below!

Let me know what you thought about the presentation and anything else that you would have liked to see!

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2 Responses to NorCal PowerShell User Group Presentation on Runspaces is Available

  1. jvierra says:

    Boe / Norcal PSUG – Excellent even with the technical difficulties and it is still valid.

    I am currently following your latest blog articles on runspaces and pools. I had about half of this and this has answered most of my questions.

    More, more, more!

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