PoshWSUS Update to 2.2.1

After a little time away from this project, I had received some functions from a member of the community (Universal in CodePlex), who had taken the time to work out some of the functions which are more server side related vs. actual manipulation of updates and clients. After taking some time to review the code and make a few adjustments (adding –WhatIf support where needed), I have added those functions into the latest version of PoshWSUS for your enjoyment!

New Functions:

  • Set-PoshWSUSConfigUpdateSource
  • Get-PoshWSUSConfigUpdateSource
  • Set-PoshWSUSConfigProxyServer
  • Get-PoshWSUSConfigProxyServer
  • Get-PoshWSUSConfigSupportedUpdateLanguages
  • Set-PoshWSUSConfigEnabledUpdateLanguages
  • Get-PoshWSUSConfigEnabledUpdateLanguages
  • Set-PoshWSUSConfigUpdateFiles
  • Set-PoshWSUSConfigSyncSchedule
  • Get-PoshWSUSConfigSyncSchedule
  • Set-PoshWSUSConfigTargetingMode
  • Get-PoshWSUSConfigSyncUpdateCategories
  • Get-PoshWSUSConfigSyncUpdateClassifications
  • Set-PoshWSUSConfigUpdateClassification
  • Set-PoshWSUSConfigProduct

Of course, while doing this I have realized that there is still a lot of work to be done here and have begun doing some more development on this to hopefully add a few more functions as well as tightening up the code on existing functions as well as taking the time to make the help a little more robust by removing the comment based help and work on the dedicated help files instead. Quite a bit of work ahead of me in doing just this stuff, but it will be worth it in the end.

Thanks for all of the support on this and I am looking forward to pushing out another update later on in the year!

Download PoshWSUS 2.2.1

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4 Responses to PoshWSUS Update to 2.2.1

  1. Harish says:

    Hi Boe Prox
    I want to set cutom deadline for installing patches like (DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM). If i give in days it will exhaust my downtime window. Please help

  2. selimir says:

    Yes, now it works. Thanks

  3. selimir says:

    i cannot download the current version PoshWSUS 2.2.1 on codeplex. there is no download link.

    Can you check this please?

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