Determine Which Parameters Support Pipeline Input

A question that I had recently was how can a user determine which parameters have support for pipeline input in a cmdlet.

The answer lies within the help system of PowerShell. Using the –Parameter parameter of Get-Help, you can view information about whatever parameters you want to see.

Get-Help Get-Process -Parameter Computername


Here you can see that it does allow for pipeline input under the Computername parameter in Get-Process. What you may not know is that this is an object that you can explore.

Get-Help Get-Process -Parameter Computername | Get-Member


Note that the pipelineInput property is a string value, not a boolean even though it does return False and True (with caveats). This doesn’t make finding the parameters with pipeline support any more difficult as we can easily filter for the true values.

Get-Help Get-Process -Parameter * | Where {
    $_.pipelineInput -Like 'true*'
} | Select Name, PipelineInput


As you can see, we are able to see all of the parameters of Get-Process which has support for pipeline input. Now you can more easily determine which cmdlets have parameters that have pipeline support.

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