Name Change to PoshWSUS Commands with PoshWSUS 2.1

If you remember, I posted a poll regarding the renaming of the PoshWSUS commands to avoid a naming collision with the UpdateServices module now available with Windows 2012/8 which use the *-WSUS* format. Well, after letting the poll sit for a month, the winner is… (VERB)-PSWSUS(NOUN)!

So with that, I updated all of the commands to use this format and have since released PoshWSUS V.2.1 which has this change. There are no other changes with this version, so if you don’t feel like downloading it just yet, then you are not missing anything important just yet.

Just for some fun, how did I manage to rename the files and the contents of each file? Well, I did this with one line of code for each action: Renaming the files and renaming the contents of the files.

Rename the files

Get-ChildItem | rename-item -NewName {$ -replace "-WSUS","-PoshWSUS"}

Rename the content of the files

Get-ChildItem -Recurse | ForEach {
    ((Get-Content $_.fullname) -replace "-WSUS","-PoshWSUS") | 
        Set-Content $_.FullName

Yep, it was that simple.

You can download the latest version of PoshWSUS at the link below.

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