Time For Scripting Games 2012


You heard it! The 2012 Scripting Games are almost upon us and this is your chance to test your skills! Being a judge this year, I will be one of the people that will look at the scripts being submitted and help rate each one. I am very excited to be a part of this alongside so many superstars in PowerShell.

What It Is

The scripting games are a scripting ‘competition’ using PowerShell that goes from April 2nd through April 13th. Each day (Monday-Friday) a new scenario is given that must be solved via a PowerShell solution. Once a script is submitted, it will be judged by the judges and given a score of either 1-5 stars. I say ‘competition’ because it is also about having fun and expanding on your current knowledge of using PowerShell as well as competing in one of two categories (Beginner or Advanced) against others around the world for the top place finisher.

What You Should Do

You should compete! It is as simple as that! As I mentioned earlier, there are two categories that you can sign up. You can only sign up for one of the categories, so make sure you choose the right one that matches your skills. If you are a seasoned scripter and want more of a challenge, then the Advanced category is for you. However, if you are just learning about PowerShell or haven’t been able to use it as much as you would like then you can look at doing the Beginner’s category. Each scenario that is delivered is a real-world type of situation where you must solve a given task using PowerShell.

A new thing to this year’s games is the inclusion of PowerShell V3 beta. This means that those of you who are using PowerShell V3 beta will be allowed to submit solutions using this instead of V2. V2 is still allowed in the games, but you now have a different option if desired.

Why Should You Compete?

PowerShell is the tool in automation and scripting in the Windows and Non-Windows environment and is only becoming more and more prevalent in the field with Windows Server 8 (over 2000 cmdlets available!) coming online. The community for PowerShell is huge with members blogging, posting scripts and helping each other out in the forums to cover many facets of technology. Even Non-Microsoft technologies are capable of being automated and scripted against using PowerShell, such as VMware and EMC.

This is a great chance to dive into PowerShell and learn more about what it can do for you and your organization. Not only will you expand on your current skill-set, but you can also win stuff as well! The big prize for finishing first in the Beginner and Advanced categories are a pass to Tech-Ed 2012. There are other prizes available as well that will be announced as the games draw closer.

Where Do You Sign Up?

As of right now, signups are not open yet for the games, but they will be happening soon enough! Keep an eye out on the twitter front and also by checking the 2012 Scripting Games page. The page hosting the script submission repository will be at PoshCode.org again this year.

Extra Items

Scripting Games 2012 All In One Page

Judging Criteria has been announced for the Scripting Games.

Scripting Games 2012 Judges

Ed Wilson is hosting a 5 day set of Live Meetings call Windows PowerShell For The Busy Admin that will be vital for folks competing this year in the games. I suggest you check them all out! Link listing each Live Meeting is here.

Twitter HashTag #2012sg

Hey, Scripting Guy Facebook Page

Good luck to everyone participating this year! It is going to be a great time!

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