A Week of Hey, Scripting Guy! with WSUS and PowerShell

I’ve taken over the Hey, Scripting Guy! blog for the week to talk about using PowerShell to manage a WSUS server starting today! Thanks, Ed for giving me the entire week to talk about this topic.

I will update this article each day as the articles come out and post the links below.



Monday: Introduction to WSUS and PowerShell

Tuesday: Use PowerShell to Perform Basic Administrative Tasks on WSUS

Wednesday: Approve or Decline WSUS Updates by Using PowerShell

Thursday: Use PowerShell to Find Missing Updates on WSUS Client Computers

Friday: Get Windows Update Status Information By Using PowerShell

Saturday: Introduction to PoshWSUS, a Free PowerShell Module to Manage WSUS

Sunday: Use the Free PoshWSUS PowerShell Module for WSUS Administrative Work

About Boe Prox

Microsoft PowerShell MVP working as a Senior Systems Administrator
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3 Responses to A Week of Hey, Scripting Guy! with WSUS and PowerShell

  1. Thank you so much for this series! It really helped me in developing my own take on WSUS reporting in PowerShell.

  2. Kuv says:

    Hey, can you please help me with Poshpaig?
    I managed to start it on my win2008 server.. i can get update reports and logs but i cannot start wuauclt or start/stop/restart windows update service. i get an authorization error. Does this mean i dotn have the right permissions to execute this command or? Help is appreciated

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