PoshWSUS 2.0 released

Actually, it is now 2.0.1 as I have fixed a couple of bugs in the module. But yes, I have finally released version 2.0 of PoshWSUS on Codeplex. Please go out there to check out all of the new features and let me know what you think. If you see any bugs, please be sure to report them on the issues page of the project.

For anyone unfamiliar with PoshWSUS, it is a PowerShell module used to managing a WSUS Server.

I actually have some Hey, Scripting Guy! articles coming out the week of January 16th that will cover using PowerShell with WSUS and also talks about using PoshWSUS 2.0. So be sure to check them out!

List of commands:

  • Add-WSUSClientToGroup
  • Approve-WSUSUpdate
  • Connect-WSUSDatabaseServer
  • Connect-WSUSServer
  • Deny-WSUSUpdate
  • Disconnect-WSUSServer
  • Export-WSUSMetaData
  • Get-WSUSChildServer
  • Get-WSUSClient
  • Get-WSUSClientGroupMembership
  • Get-WSUSClientPerUpdate
  • Get-WSUSClientsInGroup
  • Get-WSUSCommand
  • Get-WSUSContentDownloadProgress
  • Get-WSUSCurrentUserRole
  • Get-WSUSDatabaseConfig
  • Get-WSUSDownstreamServer
  • Get-WSUSEmailConfig
  • Get-WSUSEvent
  • Get-WSUSGroup
  • Get-WSUSInstallableItem
  • Get-WSUSInstallApprovalRule
  • Get-WSUSServer
  • Get-WSUSStatus
  • Get-WSUSSubscription
  • Get-WSUSSyncEvent
  • Get-WSUSSyncHistory
  • Get-WSUSSyncProgress
  • Get-WSUSUpdate
  • Get-WSUSUpdateApproval
  • Get-WSUSUpdateCategory
  • Get-WSUSUpdateClassification
  • Get-WSUSUpdateFile
  • Get-WSUSUpdatePerClient
  • Get-WSUSUpdateSummary
  • Get-WSUSUpdateSummaryPerGroup
  • Get-WSUSUpdateSummaryPerClient
  • Import-WSUSMetaData
  • New-WSUSComputerScope
  • New-WSUSGroup
  • New-WSUSInstallApprovalRule
  • New-WSUSLocalPackage
  • New-WSUSUpdateScope
  • Remove-WSUSClient
  • Remove-WSUSClientFromGroup
  • Remove-WSUSGroup
  • Remove-WSUSInstallApprovalRule
  • Remove-WSUSUpdate
  • Reset-WSUSContent
  • Resume-WSUSDownload
  • Resume-WSUSUpdateDownload
  • Set-WSUSEmailConfig
  • Set-WSUSInstallApprovalRule
  • Start-WSUSCleanup
  • Start-WSUSInstallApprovalRule
  • Start-WSUSSync
  • Stop-WSUSDownload
  • Stop-WSUSSync
  • Stop-WSUSUpdateDownload
  • Test-WSUSDatabaseServerConnection
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14 Responses to PoshWSUS 2.0 released

  1. john says:

    Hi Boe,
    Thanks for poshwsus i am starting into powershell and looking into wsus reporting and it is very helpful.
    I am trying to get a report that shows the updates needed for each server but only the “critical updates” and the “security updates”
    If i do “Get-WSUSUpdateSummaryPerClient” i get a list of all the needed updates.
    How can i link it with Get-WSUSUpdateClassification so it only shows the required updates?

    Also is it possible to get the servers in the report sorted by WSUS Group with the command

    I am new to scripting so i apologize if my terms are not clear enough.

  2. Gert Ensing says:

    I like to see what approved updates are not approved for a specific group. Is there a way I can do this?
    I thought of doing a get-wsusupdatesapproval (select updatekb and targetgroup) and then getting the unique updatekb’s and for each of them search if there is an entry for my specific targetgroup.

    Bet getting wsusupdateapproval is verrrrrryyyyy slow. Is there a smarter way?

  3. KevinM says:

    Hey Boe, Great tool!

    I am curious if there is a way to export a list of all ‘NotIntalled’ patches, with the KB and Title, along with a list of all computers that require it.

    I am stuck patching some servers before I can finish rolling out SCCM and I require a report for my governance team. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have made some headway with Get-WSUSUpdatePerClient, but I seem to be unable to limit it to a specific WSUS Computer Group ‘\All Computers\Servers\Infrasctructure – Dev and Test’

    • Boe Prox says:

      Thanks, Kevin!
      You should be able to do what you are asking. Give me a few days and I will put something together that should meet your requirements.

      • KevinM says:

        Know what? I got it!

        PS H:\> Get-WSUSClientsInGroup -Name ‘Infrastructure – Production’ | Get-WSUSUpdatePerClient -UpdateScope (New-WSUSUpdateScope -IncludedInstallationStates NotInstalled) | Export-CSV InfProdUpdateReport.csv

        Might be a good thing to add to the get-help or your wiki?

        • Boe Prox says:

          Awesome! That is definitely something that I will add to the Wiki. I will probably include it in a future blog post that will expand on using PoshWSUS that I haven’t covered yet. Thanks!

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  5. Jake says:

    The poshwsus and poshpaig are awesome, but I am stuck getting poshpaig to launch in a test lab I setup. I set powershell to unrestricted, but I’m prompted each time I launch the script. I also don’t see the open-wsus script mentioned in the documentation?

    • Boe Prox says:

      Thanks, Jake! What version of PoshPAIG are you using? The latest version out is 1.7.1 and I have replaced the Open-WSUSUtility.ps1 with Start-PoshPAIG.ps1 to open up the UI. When you download the ZIP file, make sure that you unblock the file prior to unzipping so you won’t get the prompt each time you run the script.

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