Quick Hits: Get-Date -uFormat possibilities

For those of you that have used the Get-Date -uFormat and am not sure what each possible option is, this little snippet will give you all of the information you need.

65..90 | % {“$([char]$_): $(Date -u %$([char]$_))”};97..122 | % {“$([char]$_): $(Date -u %$([char]$_))”}

You get the following result:

A: Friday
B: October
C: 20
D: 10/01/10
E: E
F: F
G: 2010
H: 22
I: 10
J: J
K: K
L: L
M: 33
N: N
O: O
P: P
Q: Q
R: 22:33
S: 39
T: 22:33:39
U: 39
V: 40
W: 39
X: 22:33:40
Y: 2010
Z: -05
a: Fri
b: Oct
c: Fri Oct  1 22:33:40 2010
d: 01
e:  1
f: f
g: 10
h: Oct
i: i
j: 274
k: 22
l: 10
m: 10

o: o
p: PM
q: q
r: 10:33:41 PM
s: 1285972421.41262
u: 5
v: v
w: 5
x: 10/01/10
y: 10
z: z


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