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Connecting to a SQL Server Using SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) and PowerShell

In a previous article, I showed you how to find all of the SQL servers and instances using a function that queries the registry. Moving on from this, I will now show how you can connect to a SQL server … Continue reading

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Find All SQL Instances Using PowerShell Plus A Little More

A while back I saw this the following post on the PowerShell Magazine that showed how to get all of the instances of a SQL server. This was pretty cool, but only listed the instances and nothing else (well it … Continue reading

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Use the WSUS API and PowerShell to query the SUSDB Database

While we know that the WSUS API can be used to perform a multitude of WSUS tasks from approving patches, removing clients to creating automatic approval rules. Diving deeper into the API reveals that we can also find out the … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday 197 in Omaha and PowerShell Sessions

SQL Saturday is coming to Omaha, Nebraska on April 6, 2013 (Saturday) and there are some PowerShell sessions available that will be there! Granted, there are not many PowerShell sessions at this event, but some are better than none in … Continue reading

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Retrieve SQL Database and Transaction Log File Sizes using Get-Counter

This is a nice little script that I used to find the size of all of the SQL server database (MDF) and Transaction Log (LDF) files on each SQL server that we have. This stems from a task I had … Continue reading

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